We are an open gaming community in Dead Frontier 2, coming together to share information on quests, bosses, and other gameplay. We are not a clan. We are not any specific people. All are welcomed at HAVEN.

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A void was left in Fairview... When the elite squads disappeared into the night, we were ambushed, and we are the survivors of Dallbow. And in the face of chaos and calamity, a few elites stepped up to create the dawn of the new age. Some call it the only neutral zone left, amongst the constant hellfire. Some call it the closest thing to heaven left. We, the creators, call it HAVEN.

We stand for creation, and we know that for collaboration, neutrality must be. Anything goes, so long as it does not tear another down. We are not a group; we are not a clan. We are a community. All for our own reasons but bound by similar cause. Until darkness rains down upon all, in HAVEN we stand. In HAVEN we make our final stand.

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Daily Mission Guides

Need help on missions? Use these community-contributed walkthroughs for NPC locations and for finding those missing quest items (rings, broaches, pendants, insulin, milk, etc).

Daily Boss Location Guides

Quickly clear boss buildings with guides describing the boss type and and room-key locations.

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