Travel to Zeusmend Rubber Inc, Haverbrook. Objective: Blood Samples (5). Return to Francine Salas in Dallbow Police Department, Dallbow to receive a reward of $378 and 1455 EXP.
Submitted by HAVEN
Gold Key: RDD - SDA
Iron Key: LDD - 2RSD

1st. Lobby - RDD (Zombie on the floor close to door)
2st. Lobby - RDD again - LSD (White colored) (Kill and loot)
3st. Lobby - LDD - Sleeping zombie on the hallway
4th Lobby - Up - RDD (Kill and loot)
5th Lobby - Up - TL - DDA (Iron Key door) - TR - 1st LSD (Kill and loot)
Thanks: ATangainthewoods; revised by frostmourne16
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